Jewels Classic - Jewel Crush Legend

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Jewel Classic - Jewel Crush Legend, free classic match 3 puzzle game launch on Android Market.Swap and match jewels­čĺÄin dazzling combinations in fun gameplay to complete the challenge.The best jewel game, solve puzzles cautiously, train your brain.­čśî

ÔŚĆ­čÄ«2000+ attractive game modes.
ÔŚĆ­čśśFree download and free play.
ÔŚĆ­čôÂNo need network, play offline, no WIFI.
ÔŚĆ­čśłVarious obstacles to prevent you, blast jewels and break down them.
ÔŚĆ­čĺ»Enjoy the good mood by crushing gems anytime, anywhere.
ÔŚĆÔĆ│Ultimate user experience, perfect time killer.
ÔŚĆ­čĹźSuitable for everyone, more helpful for the elderly to train the brain.
ÔŚĆ­čĆůMultiple game props: use them wisely and more easier to pass level!
ÔŚĆ­čĺ░Lucky spin, win more free and awesome rewards!

How to play:
­čôÄAt each level, you have a specific list of goals that need to be completed.
­čôÄMatch 3 more identical jewels quickly and swap colorful jewels.
­čôÄYou must have the sharpest mind. Move carefully, break down obstacle.
­čôÄUseful props can help you pass difficult levels.
­čôÄUse your matching skill to make super combinations with spectacular effects!
­čôÄLess moves, More Stars, Higher scores! Crush all jewels!
­čôÄComplete the challenges and try your best to get high score.

This sparkling puzzle adventure will instantly sate your wanderland and craving for jewels quest.­čśŹ
Sea world and jungle world could be full of adventure! Follow the prince to explore.­čžÉ

Family Tips:
Elderly people­čĹÁwhich download this Jewels classic Prince maybe can stay them away from mahjong and other casino game.
­čĹëDownload now and enjoy puzzle fun.
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  • Kategori: Oyunlar
  • Platform: Android
  • Yay─▒nc─▒: Ivy
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  • Lisans: Free
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